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Maple Ridge.jpg

-Fricker School (Mapleview School)(North Bay, Ontario)
-New Sudbury Laselle School (Sudbury, Ontario)
-Pinewood School (Woodlands School) (North Bay, Ontario)
-Odysee High School (North Bay, Ontario)
-Hertigage School (North Bay, Ontario)
-Lionel Gautier School (Timmins, Ontario)
-Laurentian University Cliff Fielding (Sudbury, Ontario)
-St Theresa School (Callander, Ontario)
-Chippewa School Distribution Upgrade ( North Bay, Ontario)
-St. Joseph Schollard Hall New Fire Alarm System (North Bay, Ontario)
-First Nation Daycare (North Bay, Ontario)


Healthcare Facilities

-North Bay Perry Sound Health Unit (North Bay, Ontario)
-North Bay Serenity Hospice (North Bay, Ontario)
-West Nipissing Health Unit (North Bay Ontario




-Canadian Meat Facility (North Bay, Ontario)
-The Bucket Shop (Timmins, Ontario)
-Mine Steel Fabrication (North Bay, Ontario)

-Comstatec Aviation Hanger (North Bay, Ontario)

Ontario Power Generation 

-Otto Holden Head Gate Control Installation
-Des Joachim Cold Storage Building (Swisha, Ontario)
-Otto Holden Fire Alarm Installation
-Otto Holden PA Upgrade 
-Matabitchewan Penstock Rehabilitation
-South Falls Tail-race Grounding and Crane Installation
-Otto Holden Tail-race Grounding and lighting Installation
-Otto Holden Cold Storage Facility

-Otto Holden Roof Grounding Project 


Other Projects

Jack Gardland Airport.jpg

-Ellandale Pumping Resevoir Electrical Upgrade (North Bay, Ontario)
-OPP Station Cache Bay (Sturgeon Falls, Ontario)
-Manitoulin Seniors Complex (Little Current, Ontario)
-Almaguin Manor (Burks Falls, Ontario)
-Waste Water Treatment Plant Emergency Power Upgrade (North Bay, Ontario)
-OPP Generator Installation (North Bay, Ontario)
-Jack Garland Airport Expansion (North Bay, Ontario)
-Bell Building Generator (Timmins, Ontario)
-OPP West Nipissing Detachment (West NIpissing, Ontario)
-Giant Tiger (North Bay, Ontario)
-Hydro One Generator Replacement (New Liskard, Ontario) 

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